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@charlesriverchurch is moving, so today is our last Sunday at Boston School of Modern Languages. Thankful for the time we had here, the joys and sorrows we shared, and all that bonding with setting up and tearing down. Next Sunday, we’ll be up the street at Washington Irving School! (at Charles River Church - Boston)

Today is my older twin’s birthday!!!! I could go into a long speech, but she’s my mom, and that’s all that needs to be said. The reason I’m home is because of her. Cheers to six decades of life!!!!

It’s my hair’s birthday! One Monday, just like today, I got al my hair cut. “Transitioning” wasn’t a big thing in 2008. I read nothing. Didn’t know about products and technique or curl pattern or just plain health. I just didn’t wanna get perms anymore. After an awkward phase, much trial and error, and some hours watching YouTube videos, my hair is finally retaining length and maintaining its health. I just deep conditioned and cleansed my hair, so it’s incubating under chunky twists. Hooray for the journey, and cheers to the many other women who have adapted to their naturally curly hair.

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